SupplyMED is testing the masks on the UK market

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SupplyMED is testing the masks on the UK market

With the urgency of the COVID-19 situation, the world has found itself in uncertain times, where systems and laws were changed from one day to another, leading to unclear information and an immense number of medical supplies of low quality, with fake certificates flooding the EU and UK markets.

Our company's goal was to thoroughly inspect and reinspect our collaborators and their manufactured products, to make sure we introduce to the market, valid certificate products of high quality and high standards, thus protecting the health of the end customer, and the businesses and image of our collaborators.

In these unprecedented times our collaborator network list, changed drastically,  making sure only law-abiding, certified, high-quality manufacturers kept their place amongst our vast, international network. 

Healthcare and well-being-related products, should be carefully researched before introduced to any market, so making sure we put the healthcare of the end customer, always on the first place.