Illumina NextSeq 550 RNA/DNA Array scanning

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Uncover the Genomic Landscape with Illumina NextSeq 550 System

Experience the power of high-accuracy sequencing with the Illumina NextSeq 550 System. This system exemplifies high-throughput sequencing with a wide output range of 16.25 to 120 Gb and a read capacity of up to 400 million reads per run, making it a robust choice for whole-genome, transcriptome, and targeted resequencing applications​1​​2​.

The NextSeq 550 System boasts a tunable read length, allowing for flexible sequencing parameters that can be adjusted to meet the demands of your genomic projects. Whether it's the high-output kit delivering 100-120 Gb with a read length of 2 x 150 bp or the mid-output kit yielding 32.5-39 Gb with the same read length, this system is engineered for performance​2​.

Employing the groundbreaking Illumina sequencing by synthesis (SBS) technology, the NextSeq 550 System delivers highly accurate data and robust performance across multiple applications. The reversible-terminator method, combined with fluorescently labeled nucleotides, ensures precise base detection as they are incorporated into growing DNA strands, providing a reliable sequencing solution​3​​2​.

Moreover, the system's 2-channel SBS chemistry streamlines sequencing and data generation processes, reducing cycle and data processing times without compromising on the quality and accuracy that Illumina systems are renowned for. This innovation makes NextSeq 550 an affordable and efficient solution for everyday genomic analysis​2​.

Extend your research capabilities further with the NextSeq 550's high-quality array scanning feature. By leveraging array scanning, researchers have instant access to a powerful, complementary technology for confirming copy number variants detected through sequencing, embodying a holistic approach to genomic exploration​4​.

Discover the potential of comprehensive genomic analysis with the Illumina NextSeq 550 System, your partner in driving insightful discoveries and advancing your genomic projects.