Sell, donate or trade your surplus, underutilized or unused equipment

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Let us transform your unused lab equipment into valuable space or new tools that will enhance your workflow and significantly boost revenue

White Glove Service

We understand the intricate needs of laboratories and industry professionals. Our white-glove service ensures a meticulous and smooth experience, from initial inquiry to final transaction.


Why Collaborate with Us?

  • Efficiency First: Rapid response and turnaround mean you're not left waiting.
  • Global Reach: We manage shipping and collection worldwide, easing the logistics for you.
  • Real-time Appraisal: Simply send photos or videos. Our team provides almost instantaneous inspection and valuation.
  • All Conditions Welcomed: New, used, or even defective, every piece of equipment has value or purpose.
  • Simplified Process: A swift, easy form starts the journey. Our professionals reach out immediately to assist.

The Choice is Yours

  1. Sell: Convert unused equipment into capital to invest where it matters most.
  2. Trade: Upgrade your tools, enhance your workflow, and boost your lab's revenue.
  3. Donate: Contribute to research, education, or causes that resonate with your values.

Ready to Begin?

Completing our brief form below is the first step. Once submitted, expect immediate contact from our dedicated team, eager to guide and assist.

Your trust is paramount. Know that each transaction is treated with the utmost professionalism, care, and diligence. Partner with us and witness a seamless transition.