Sustained campaigns

This page is dedicated to our continuous campaigns.

We are in contact with a number of top-rated graduates from different universities, and we are collaborating with them to gather as much information as possible for in-depth research to better understand where our efforts should best be orientated.

Because we want our "Give Back Programme" to become a reliable platform that will offer constant help to our communities and environment, there where it is most needed, we are taking the time to develop together with these students and with your help, a solid structure before we make it public.

Here, your help is more than welcomed. So, if you have great ideas for charity projects, if you want to let us know of people, places, communities in need and if you can present a strong reason as to why our efforts should be orientated there, or if you simply want to help, please don't hesitate to contact us, and we will find a place for you, or your project in our community.

Let's help together where it is needed!