Eppendorf 6331 Nexus Gradient MasterCycler Thermal Cycler

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Eppendorf 6331 Nexus Gradient MasterCycler - Advanced, High-Speed PCR Thermal Cycler

  • year of manufacture 2021 
  • perfect condition 
  • installed last year and only used for one year
  • professionally maintained by Eppendorf until decommissioned due to laboratory closure
  • professionally decontaminated, decommissioned and packed, ready to go
  • shipping worldwide


Description: Discover the cutting-edge Eppendorf 6331 Nexus Gradient MasterCycler, a pinnacle of PCR technology, offering unmatched speed and flexibility for your quantitative PCR applications. With its rapid temperature ramping and short detection times, this thermal cycler accelerates your testing process, allowing for multiple, accurate, and reliable tests daily.

Key Specifications:

  • Sample Capacity: Accommodates a variety of sample sizes including 96 x 0.1 ml and 0.2ml PCR tubes, 71 x 0.5ml PCR tubes, and 1 x 96-well PCR plate.
  • Temperature Range: Thermoblock temperature range of 4°C to 99°C with a gradient range of up to 20°C.
  • Rapid Ramp Rate: Achieves a maximum ramp rate of 3°C/s for efficient heating and cooling.
  • Temperature Homogeneity: Ensures uniform temperature distribution with ≤ 3°C at 35°C and ≤ 4°C at 90°C.
  • Control Accuracy: Offers precise temperature control with an accuracy of ± 0.2°C.
  • Gradient Temperature Control Range: 30°C to 99°C, catering to diverse experimental needs.
  • Heated Lid Temperature Control Range: 37°C to 110°C, enhancing sample protection.
  • Compact Design: Ideal for labs with limited space, measuring 25 x 41 x 32 cm and weighing 24.3 lbs.

Additional Features:

  • The Eppendorf 6331 is equipped with the innovative flexlid concept, allowing easy adaptation to different PCR consumable types.
  • Intuitive graphic programming and a comprehensive protocol library simplify operation.
  • Environmentally friendly with low power consumption, whisper-quiet operation (<40 dB[a]), and an ergonomic design for comfortable use.

Designed to streamline your PCR workflows, the Eppendorf 6331 Nexus Gradient MasterCycler is an essential tool for modern laboratories focusing on efficiency and precision in their research.