EZ-Fit® Filtration Units EFHAW250I 250ml 0.45 μm 48 units/case

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EZ-FIT® Filtration Unit: Streamlining Microbiological Analysis with Safety and Efficiency

with pad
250ml Funnel - single packaging
White MCE membrane - 0.45 μm pore size
48 units / case

The EZ-FIT® Filtration Unit is a pinnacle of laboratory innovation, designed for single-use to ensure sterility. Each unit is comprised of a white, gridded membrane made from mixed cellulose esters (MCE), coupled with a supportive blue base and cellulose pad. This combination not only enhances the accuracy of microbial enumeration but also significantly reduces the risk associated with microbiological analysis.

Key Features:

  • Sterile and Safe Design: Our filtration device is engineered for one-time use, eliminating cross-contamination risks and ensuring sterile operations.
  • Efficient Membrane Filtration: The unique funnel assembly is meticulously designed to prevent leaks or sample bypass, guaranteeing precise results.
  • Enhanced Visibility and Handling: A clear, transparent funnel allows for easy monitoring from any angle. The 360° rim design minimizes the risk of accidental contact with the filtration area during membrane transfer.
  • Versatile Application: Post-filtration, the EZ-FIT® unit offers flexibility – either transfer the membrane onto an agar plate or convert it into a Petri dish by adding liquid media.
  • Conforms to International Standards: Our units minimize sample residue and adhere strictly to global laboratory standards.
  • Space-Saving and Convenient: The units are stackable, conserving valuable workspace. Additionally, base plugs are included for culturing ampoule liquid media.
  • Compatibility: Designed to seamlessly fit onto the EZ-FIT® Manifold and compatible with standard #8 stoppers.

The EZ-FIT® Filtration Unit represents a leap forward in laboratory workflow optimization, combining safety, efficiency, and reliability in microbiological testing.



EZ-FIT® Filtration Units, offered through our selection, are pivotal in conducting microbiological analysis and bioburden testing of liquid samples. These units are meticulously crafted to meet the rigorous demands of various applications, ensuring accuracy and reliability in testing.

Key Applications and Industries:

  • Beverage Sector: Ideal for analyzing in-process and final product samples, these units play a crucial role in maintaining the quality and safety of beverages.
  • Pharmaceutical Testing: In the pharmaceutical industry, they are instrumental in testing both in-process samples and finished products, ensuring compliance with stringent quality standards.
  • Water Analysis: Essential for water quality monitoring, these units are used extensively in testing water samples for microbial content, crucial in both industrial quality control and environmental monitoring.


Individual packaging
48 units/pack