Laser Infrared MatchBox 850 nm 0850L-16A-NI-NT-NF

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World's Smallest Turnkey Laser For Spectroscopy And Lidar

0850L-13A-NI-PT-NF also available in our store

850 nm infrared lasers of the MatchBox series. These lasers are used as compact and cost-effective laser sources for metrology and spectroscopy applications.

By default, this type of laser is built with FC/PC connector, but other fiber terminations are available upon request. Details about the non-standard connector and the fiber used with it should be discussed with the Integrated Optics sales team.

Fiber Termination - FC/PC (PT): FC/PC has good insertion repeatability, therefore is often used in single-mode fiber applications. Features a key for polarization-maintaining fiber installations.

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