Oska Series1 Essential Single Castle Care Mattress

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High quality professional modular foam mattresses
The same are used by the NHS and Care Homes
Proudly manufactured in the United Kingdom by UK Company 
  • High risk rating
  • Modular foam
  • 100% water and vapor proof
  • Wipeable cover that can be unzipped
  • 4 Way stretch cover
  • Can be used on standard Divan bases or used as a mattress topper or even on Profiling (Nursing Beds) 
"The mattress is designed to conform well on a profiling nursing bed but is also available for divan bed to enable residential homes to provide pressure relief for all residents. This proactive approach demonstrates going above and beyond in the fight against pressure ulcers - Prevention is better than cure!" 

Single / Divan  Size 1980mm long X 850mm wide X 150mm deep

Pressure Care Sensitive
Made from modular foam to relieve pressure
The modules react independently to conform to the patient's body, redistributing the pressure

Stretch Cover
4 way stretch covers are designed to stretch in all directions so that you get the full benefit of the pressure relieving mattress
easy to wipe, clean and maintain
easy to disinfect for infection control
Comes in plastic cover + box (depending on customer location)

Available colours
- deep blue
- bright blue
- deep green
- bright green
- lilac purple
- delicate pink
Colour may be slightly different due to lighting and photography.
Stock is limited and we can not guarantee the colour availability, but all mattresses are the same regardless the colour. 

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