Progard® XL Pretreatment Pack Milli-Q PR0GTXLCS1

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Progard® XL-S-C Pretreatment Pack: Essential Protection for Advanced Water Purification Systems

Elevate the performance of your water purification process with the Progard® XL-S-C pretreatment pack. Specially designed to enhance the longevity and efficiency of your larger RiOs™, Elix®, Milli-Q® HR, HX, CLX, and AFS® E water purification systems, this pack offers a comprehensive solution for pretreating feed water.

Key Features:

  • Effective Particle Removal: The prefiltration component efficiently eliminates large particles from tap water, ensuring a cleaner water input.
  • Advanced Chlorine Oxidation Prevention: By incorporating activated carbon, this pack proficiently removes free chlorine, safeguarding the RO membrane against chlorine-induced damage.
  • Scale Formation Minimization: With the inclusion of an anti-scaling agent, the risk of mineral scaling on the RO membrane is significantly reduced, maintaining optimal performance.
  • Innovative Autoclean Option: The Autoclean pack variant features a unique built-in chlorine cleaning tablet. When installed, it automatically cleans the RO membrane, enhancing the system's maintenance and longevity.
    • Optimal protection of reverse osmosis (RO) membrane.
    • Ensures system lifetime and performance are optimized.
    • Depth-filtration removes particles and colloids.
    • Polyphosphate protects from scaling.
    • Silver-impregnated activated carbon filter reduces free chlorine and provides bacteriostatic protection.
    • EfferSan Effervescent (formerly ROProtect CR) tablets provide automatice RO maintenance.
    • e-Sure tag RFID technology for instant visibility on pack parameters, automatic pack parameters archiving and full traceability.
    • Replace every 6 months for optimal results

The Progard® XL-S-C pretreatment pack is not just a component; it's an essential upgrade to your water purification system, ensuring reliable and high-quality results. Protect and optimize your system today with this advanced pretreatment solution.