Thermo Scientific CryoPlus 2 Liquid Nitrogen 7403

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The Thermo Scientific™ CryoPlus™ Storage System model 7403 is specifically designed for efficient and secure cryogenic storage. It features advanced controls and monitoring systems to maintain optimal conditions for preserving biological samples. The model 7403 is distinguished by its specific capacity, dimensions, and technological features tailored to meet the needs of laboratories and research facilities requiring high-volume storage solutions.

Description of available units:

- in perfect condition
- manufactured in 2022
- they come from a working environment, from a lab that recently closed
- they were under warranty and maintained at highest standards by Thermo Scientific warranty contract, up until the lab closed few months back
- all come with Cryo-Apron, Cryo-Visor and Chemical Spill Kit (worth 800£)
- shipping worldwide
- packed and ready to go
- inspections welcomed




Increase valuable laboratory storage space with Thermo Scientific™ CryoPlus™ Storage Systems, which store up to 38,500 vials (2.0 mL). The ideal combination of liquid nitrogen, storage reliability and microprocessor technology, the CryoPlus Series LN2 Storage System provides precise and accurate control over all parameters without complicated programming.


Key Features

  • 16 preset audible and visual alarm combinations provide maximum product protection
  • Automatic defogger incorporated into the manual fill index to improve visibility during retrieval
  • Liquid level sensor and fill port within vacuum space, for maximum storage and sensor protection
  • Front-mounted key lock and rear-mounted recessed power switch; control panel can also be locked
  • Temperature sleeve (included) provides colder temperatures and efficient vapor phase operation

Microprocessor Control

  • Precise liquid level control with over 16 parameters; with autofill system
  • Control panel mounted on top for convenient access and easy touchpad programming
  • Digital temperature display sensor located under the lid; this indicates the highest temperature reading inside the tank
  • 24 tricolor LEDs continuously display actual liquid nitrogen level and high-level/low-level setpoints
  • Alarm contacts for remote monitoring of storage tank conditions

Durable Construction

  • Low-profile tank with vacuum-insulated, stainless-steel chamber
  • Counterbalanced lid with foamed-in-place, high density polyurethane insulation; dedicated vent; 100% clearance
  • Two independent, flexible lid gaskets reduce moisture migration into the chamber
  • Heavy-duty casters
  • 2 mL vials based on rack configuration



Please check manufacturer website for accurate information on the product.