Thermo Scientific Ion Chef & GeneStudio S5 Prime - Complete NGS Solution

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Complete NGS Bundle: Thermo Scientific Ion Chef 4247 & GeneStudio S5 Prime

About this bundle:
- as NEW, only used for under 16 months, in perfect condition
- 2 bundles available, both 2021
- professionally maintained by Thermo Scientific under warranty and maintenance contract until lab closed few months back
low usage, from back-up room that was supposed to take on work overflow
- coming from government lab that was recently closed
WARRANTY available depending on your location and organization
- welcomed to inspect before buying
- worldwide shipping  (can be professionally crated for sea or air freight)
(international buyers, please contact for accurate shipping quote) 


Transform your genomic research with the ultimate next-generation sequencing (NGS) bundle: the Thermo Scientific Ion Chef System Model 4247 paired with the GeneStudio S5 Prime System. This powerhouse duo offers an end-to-end solution for automated sample preparation to high-throughput sequencing, designed to streamline your lab's workflow and enhance productivity.

Ion Chef System Model 4247 - Automated Sample Preparation:

  • Fully automates DNA/RNA sample preparation, including library and template prep, and chip loading.
  • Delivers consistent, reproducible results with minimal hands-on time.
  • User-friendly interface for ease of operation, reducing training requirements.

GeneStudio S5 Prime System - Advanced Sequencing:

  • High precision and accuracy with semiconductor sequencing technology.
  • Flexible throughput for a wide range of genomic applications, from small to large projects.
  • Rapid results and a comprehensive suite of analysis tools for an efficient sequencing process.

Key Bundle Features:

  • Seamless Integration: Designed to work together for a streamlined NGS workflow from sample prep to data analysis.
  • Increased Efficiency: Saves time and reduces manual errors, freeing up resources for other critical research activities.
  • Scalable and Versatile: Meets the needs of both small and large-scale projects, ideal for a variety of research and clinical applications.

Bundle Specifications:

  • Ion Chef Model: 4247
  • GeneStudio S5 Prime System: Next-Generation Sequencing Platform
  • Applications: Genome sequencing, transcriptome analysis, epigenetics, and more.


This bundle is perfect for laboratories and research institutions looking to elevate their genomic research capabilities. The combination of Thermo Scientific's Ion Chef and GeneStudio S5 Prime Systems ensures a complete, efficient, and high-throughput NGS solution, from sample preparation to sequencing and data analysis.