Walker Filtration Pneumatic Filter Heater A39TH

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Suitable for use in both industrial and breathing air applications, Walker Filtration’s range of Heaters and Filter Heater Packages allow air to be filtered and temperature controlled between 20ºC and 120ºC (68ºF and 248ºF). Our range of compressed air in-line heater systems use an open coiled heating element and high accuracy output temperature sensing device. This combination of a fast responding heater and sensor allows the unit to adjust quickly to any variations in flow rate or line pressure, without deviation in the output temperature. A compact solid-state temperature controller is mounted on top of the heater unit, allowing the exact temperature output to be indicated by a bi-metallic thermometer which is clearly visible at the front of the heater.

Technical Notes

1. Semi-automatic Drain Valve (SDV25) is fitted to all heaters. Float Operated Automatic Drain Valve (ADVS16) is fitted to pre-filters. 2. When liquid, oil and water are present, FH or FTH models should be specified.
3. Electrical connections to the unit are via an industry standard DIN connector.
4. When placing an order, please specify voltage required (example A39FTH-115V).
5. If used in a breathing air installation, please note adequate breathing air filtration is required prior to the heater assembly. Heater and filter packages will not remove certain types of gases, including carbon monoxide (CO) and carbon dioxide (CO² ).
6. Threaded filters are manufacturzed from cast aluminum alloy and are PED 2014/68/EU compliant for group 2 gases.
7. Threaded connections are Rp (BSP parallel) to ISO 7/1 or NPT to ANSI B2.1 if supplied within North America. For NPT connections, add the suffix N e.g. A39BHN.
8. Minimum flow rate of 1.7 SCFM (3 Nm³/hr) is recommended.
9. The internal bi-metallic strip will activate to cut the power to the heater once the outlet temperature reaches 125°C (257°F).
10. Water Separator must be used as pre-filtration

Please check specifications with manufacturer for accurate info. Make sure these are the items you need, before purchasing.